Sam on Jenn

Exactly what were you longing for?

Great food, decent chat, in order to avoid being ashamed in a nationwide newspaper.

First thoughts?

Very strong. Jenn had ordered four shots of tequila before she also sat down.

Exactly what did you speak about?

Cyrano de Bergerac. Mountaineering. Miami. Karaoke. Berlin night life. Ghosting. Finsbury Park. Pub quizzes. Metropolitan vineyards. Traditional songs.

Any shameful times?

When Jenn conveyed disappointment that I am not quite 6ft high.

Good table manners?

Impeccable. She averted the woman look as I removed the fish bones from my teeth.

Smartest thing about Jenn?

The woman strength – Jenn goes hard or goes house. She merely yawned when during our very own eight-hour big date.

Could you present her to your pals?

100per cent. She actually is great fun and could charm skin off a snake.

Describe Jenn in three terms?

Hilarious, loquacious, effervescent.


Fancy a blind date?


Blind big date is actually Saturday’s dating column: each week, two
visitors are matched right up for dinner and beverages, and then pour the beans
to all of us, answering a couple of questions. This works, with a photograph we
get of each and every dater ahead of the big date, in Saturday mag (inside the
UK) an internet-based at
every Saturday. It has been working since 2009 – you are able to
study exactly about exactly how we put it together here

Just what concerns will I be asked?

enquire about age, area, occupation, pastimes, interests together with type of
person you are searching to meet. If you do not think these questions
include whatever you want to know, reveal what is in your concerns.

Could I choose who we match with?

it’s a blind day! But we would ask you a little regarding the interests,
preferences, etc – the more you inform us, the higher the match is likely

May I choose the picture?

No, but try not to worry: we’re going to opt for the best ones.

Just what personal stats will show up?

Very first name, task and get older.

How ought I respond to?

but pleasantly. Keep in mind how it will review your date, and therefore
Blind date achieves a large market, in print and online.

Am I going to look at other person’s answers?

No. we might change your own website and theirs for various reasons, such as size, and now we may want to know for more details.

Are you going to get a hold of myself the only?

We’ll decide to try! Marriage! sugat baby!

Could I take action in my house town?

Only if it’s in the united kingdom. Many of our people reside in London, but we would like to notice from men and women residing someplace else.

How to use


What exactly do you believe she made of you?

That I wooed the girl using my encyclopaedic knowledge of London shuttle paths and my ability to complete all of the complimentary beverages.

Do you carry on somewhere?

The rooftop club at Duck & Waffle.

And … did you hug?

What takes place at Duck & Waffle remains at Duck & Waffle.

Should you decide could alter a factor regarding the night what would it is?

Three espresso martinis would-have-been plenty of.

Scars regarding 10?


Could you

satisfy again?

Yes, seriously, as friends. Sadly, I do not consider there was clearly a romantic spark, but I appreciated every moment of our own race time.

Sam and Jenn on their big date

Jenn on Sam

Just what happened to be you dreaming about?

an entertaining anecdote for my friends, an excellent dinner and an enjoyable night.

First impressions?

Sam was friendly and passionate, with a lovely look – and he shared my way of the meal: to overorder.

What did you mention?

The straightforward delights of a microwave oven meal. Where the north starts.

Any embarrassing minutes?

The guy informed me he had been likely to Miami, and that I stated I would never been for the western coast of The united states … we instantly realized my personal error by the look on his face.

Great dining table manners?

Great, although his attempt to amazingly debone their sea bream was quite anticlimactic.

Smartest thing about Sam?

He is enjoyable! I felt relaxed and time travelled by.

Are you willing to introduce him your buddies?

Yes, he’s super-interesting.

Describe Sam in three terms?

Massive seafood individual.

Precisely what do you imagine he manufactured from you?

a hardy north lass who was angry for not using a jacket.

Did you carry on somewhere?

We just had one alternative: a taxi to Duck & Waffle, in which we stayed until 3am.

And … do you hug?

A lady does not hug and tell … (we did).

Should you decide could change something towards evening what might it is?

I would personally’ve had a lot more of their truffle potato chips at 2am.

Marks regarding 10?

A powerful 8.

Could you meet again?

We exchanged numbers, so who knows.

Sam and Jenn consumed at
Hawksmoor Borough

London SE1. Fancy a blind day? E-mail