R166 Queen size bed


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Reference# Size in inch Materials Price
R-166D 54″ Headboard 59″W 6″D 57″H See below $749.99
R-166Q 60″ Headboard 68″W 6″D 57″H $749.99
R-166K 78″ Headboard 83″W 6″D 57″H $849.99
R-166DB 54″ Headboard & Bed 59″W 84″D 57″H $1129.99
R-166QB 60″ Headboard & Bed 68″W 90″D 57″H $1129.99
R-166KB 78″ Headboard & Bed 83″W 90″D 57″H $1229.99
R-166DD 54″ Headboard, Bed & Drawer 59″W 84″D 57″H $1379.99
R-166QD 60″ Headboard, Bed & Drawer 68″W 90″D 57″H $1379.99
R-166KD 78″ Headboard, Bed & Drawer 83″W 90″D 57″H :$1479.99


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